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    Default Affiliate Manager Interview Series: Gustav Lipcsey,

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    GPWA proudly presents its new interview series, where we bring you fun and informative question and answer sessions with affiliate program managers. This is an opportunity to get a personal feel for the people who run the programs, and we hope it will foster rewarding and productive relationships between GPWA members and sponsors.

    This week we welcome <b>Gustav</b> Lipcsey, Senior Account manager of, the affiliate program for, whose new website has just launched. To kick off the launch, is graciously sponsoring the welcoming party at CAP Euro in London.

    Welcome to the GPWA Gustav!
    Thank you! I am delighted to start working with GPWA and present and for all GPWA members.

    Would you please tell us a little about the website?
    Gnuf has taken a step away from the mainstream "bling" design of online gaming to a unique environment where players can feel more relaxed and secure. The design is very diversified and has a more playful and kind approach compared to our competitors. Gnuf is also the first site based on user-generated content. Players have the chance to read and write blogs and be active in the Gnuf forums. There is a big focus on community presence and we give our players an opportunity to get to know each other but also the people behind Gnuf.

    What sort of wagering products are available and what is its target market?
    Gnuf is offering the traditional gaming products, Poker, Casino and within the near future also Bingo. Since Gnuf will be a part of the Microgaming network we will have a very busy Poker Tournament schedule. Gnuf has a very defined goal: Within three years to become one of the leading companies in online gaming. The target market will therefore be worldwide, initially focusing on Europe (no US players).

    How difficult has it been to launch during such a tumultuous time?
    This business is constantly changing, and just as all other gaming companies have been forced to change strategies due to the new US regulations. It’s all about adjusting and being flexible. Due to the fact that Gnuf is founded by very experienced people, and by working with the very best people in the industry, we are well prepared for all challenges that we are about to encounter.

    Please tell us a little about the affiliate program; what is unique about it?
    From our time at we have learned that every affiliate must be treated differently and it is all about finding a unique solution for each unique affiliate. Therefore we are developing tools in order to give our affiliates a chance to customize the marketing tools themselves. Instead of building a static affiliate program we strive towards flexibility and customized solutions.

    What sort of experience do you bring to
    The team is a very solid unit with different characters for different tasks. All team members have been carefully chosen and everyone working with will notice the professionalism and huge know-how that we possess regarding affiliate business. My strong sides are that I am very analytical and have a good sense for strategic decisions. I like to work with smart solutions combining functionality and creativity. I always believe that things can become better and nothing is perfect– there is always room for improvement and it is all about knowing what and how to do it.

    How do you approach working with portal webmasters?
    At we believe that business is a team sport. At Gnuf we believe in long-term relationships based on three mutual concepts - experience, expertise and expectations. Except working closely together with our affiliates, we believe that we must build flexible functionalities in order to give the webmasters as much influence as possible. This will allow them to have a direct impact on the results of the affiliation. We will focus much on conversion rate issues. This is something we found to be core in the ongoing work to become the best affiliate program in the business.

    Please tell us about the party is sponsoring for CAP Euro; are we going to have a good time?
    The party is going to be excellent! We will show the gaming world what Gnuf is all about. We have some surprises in store for you. If you have not already signed up for the party, make sure you do it today– email to: and let us know who and how many are coming.

    How will we be able to spot you?
    I will be wearing a black suit with a Gnuf blue handkerchief, just like my colleagues.

    Are you going to dance?
    I might be a little bit stiff on the dance floor but after hours you might spot me among the dancing crowd.

    What is your favorite drink?
    I love all drinks with rhum. Cuba libre is probably one of my favorites.

    What is your favorite type of gambling?
    Texas Holdem No limit is my game. I used to play mainly Sit ‘n go but nowadays it’s only cash games. I’m starting to realize that I am a way too aggressive player, but what can I say, I am a gambler!

    What is your favorite kind of music?
    I love music and I used to be a bass player in several different bands. My favorite band at this moment must be Fleetwood Mac.

    What are some of your favorite movies?
    The Godfather movies are the best, I just bought the DVD collection. I love all mafia movies, it must be from living in Italy.
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