Good Day Everyone!

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.

I wonder how the list we put together back in 2017 "The Qualities/Skills you look for in an affiliate manager" has changed with everything the industry, world and economy has gone through.

Here is the list we put together:

1. To be helpful and not "put our brand in the main pages
2. To give personalized codes (name of our website ) for specific and exclusive promotions.
3. Provide content ( can be about a great winning wager that some player won ) so we can build more pages talking about the brand etc
4.- Trustworthy
5.- Easy to contact
6.- Not pushy
7.- Pays on time without excuses or trying to hold commissions hostage in return for more exposure or traffic
8.- I hate endless e-mails and questions and they should try to provide as much information or ask as many questions as possible upfront.
9.- Endless e-mails quickly loose my interest.
10.- Asking to be placed on the front page is always nice to ask for but donít expect it, it is usually earned and not paid for.
11.- When affiliates ask questions a quick response is appreciated while the subject is hot.
12.- Donít be too pushy or demanding ,Ö affiliates are the customers and can work for you.
13.- Answer questions and donít just provide a link to the terms and conditions, I have already read them!
14.- The biggest gripe I have is on late payments.. as good as most managers are, when it comes to late payments or non payments very few are transparent
15.- Be to the point and transparent: i don't like affiliate managers making a lot of bla-bla to not answer questions. Or asking a bunch of questions. Just tell about which casino we're talking instead of endless questions what sites I have, how I drive traffic, etc
16.- Be quick: I hate it when I get a message that a casino stopped a week ago accepting customers from country X or that I have to find out myself that bonus offers or payment methods changed.
17.- Be realistic: I don't even react anymore if affiliate managers from very average brands are in a pushy way demanding top positions. Top positions have to be earned. This also includes that affiliates manager should do their homework. It makes no sense at all pushing for exposure for example at a Belgian website without a Belgium license. Not even with bla-bla like "We are going for a license, etc". Don't be pushy for more exposure if there's no reason to do so.
18.- Be fair: don't come up with an offer to not keep the offer. Or with lies why payments are not made.
19.-A good attitude
21.-Good negotiation skills
25.- Trustworthy
26.-- Helpful
27.- Easy to contact
28.- Transparent

What do you think?