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    Default All Slots copycat - zero tolerance

    It has been brought to our attention that a spammer is out there pushing an "All-Slots $25,000 Slot Tournament."

    We'd like everyone to know, that while this spammer is ripping off the name All Slots (and the casino's success with slots tournaments) this spamming activity is in no way connected to our casino, All Slots.

    In fact, if you click on the link included in the email ( it will lead you through a process which brings you to download Windows Casino. Furthermore, in the download link, you will see Cyhawk - advertisers in the industry.

    In fact, Jackpot Factory stopped working with Cyhawk some time ago, because of tactics like this.

    To reiterate, Jackpot Factory and BrightShare have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of thing. We will be contacting Cyhawk about this - unfortunately the spam email has already been sent out.

    Last edited by matted; 8 April 2008 at 7:26 pm. Reason: Invalidate the link so the spammer doesn't get link credit

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