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    Default Another SEO question

    I have signed up for link manager, which I think is great and right to be recommended by GPWA, and I'm working on my links at the moment. I received an email from an affiliate in a reply to a question I asked her, and she said 'just remember to link keywords'. Can anyone explain what this means? I have done a search in the forum but I'm only coming up with 'other site linking' subjects.
    Thanks for any answers


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    Visit, they have very helpful forums.

    Linking keywords:

    If you have site "xyz" and you want to be found under the keywords "casino games" when doing recip links ask the other webmaster to link to you as follows: xyz casino games

    The keywords you want to be found under must be in the link anchor text, this will improve your rankings for the said keyword(s). Obviously your page must also be properly SEO'd

    Visit though, well worth it.

    Good luck...

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