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    Default Anyone ever have ssl revoke errors

    During the course of some site reviews I recently ran across a website that I could not access due to an ssl being revoked. (firefox)

    What we found strange was that someone else could in fact view the site with chrome.

    Once I knew this I tried, IE, Edge, Opera and they failed with the ssl error. Oddly enough opera allowed the home page to load but not other pages.

    Also was surprised to learn that the site loaded and worked fine firefox running in bluestacks environment in this particular case.

    Researching this I found a handful of possible solutions:

    Update-reissue certificate
    Update google analytics code to latest version
    Verify javascript or css also uses https

    There seems to be a number of reasons this can happen, but it seemed the above are the most common.

    During the research I found a site that allows for an ssl check so if anyone ever happens to experience such this seemed like a great tool to help determine the issue or at least useful in helping check after solutions to solve the issue are tried.

    I am not sure if other tools they have are useful during web dev but I have added them to my bookmarks for possible future use.

    Whether you use an ssl check or not is not is less important, but a friendly reminder to not forget to check and make sure your site can be browsed by a few different browsers and not rely solely on a single one, since a variety of browsers can help catch minor code or formatting errors others may ignore.


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