With credits to my friends at the Online Players Union:

The archetype of an evil Casino

For describing an Evil No-Pay online casino, we’ve chosen a true existing, working model.

There is more than one Evil casino on the Internet, and we have chosen one in particular that possesses all of the traits; thus we present you the very epitome of an Evil No-Pay online casino: casinovega.

This casino exhibits all traits of an Evil one; it’s in rare occasions that we find all traits under one roof. This one has it all. Also beware the rest of the family:

BingoVega & PlanetPoker: also rotten to the core.

Ok, what are the main traits of a No-Pay online casino operation? We'll begin with:

The casino falsely claims to be operating since 1999.
The casino uses a phony licensing certificate.
The casino spams, and you can’t unsubscribe.
The casino uses shills on forums.
The casino has rules that can’t be found on their site.
The casino has many complaints going on at any given time.
The casino uses various rules, in various areas, making players err, and disqualify.
The casino locks accounts and keeps deposits, unless the media get into the act.
About the casino’s Fun Mode play.
If all else fails…
They reserve the right to change rules and lock accounts without notice.

The casino falsely claims to exist since 1999.

Our group of experienced players could not find any cached traces previous to 2002.

The casino uses a phony licensing certificate.

On the Casino Vega’s home page, at the bottom, you will see a false credential, which is worded so: “This site has been approved by the Internet Gaming Commission”. Now just open a Google page, and write in, or paste in: Internet Gaming Commission, exactly, and see what you get: - the very same that we do - yes, it's pure BS.

The casino spams you continuously, and you can’t unsubscribe from their junk.

If you open an account with casinovega, in Real Money or Play Mode, you will be swarmed by spam from them directly; at the bottom of the spam emails you will get: “To Unsubscribe, visit: 404 Error - Page Not Found this gets you to a casinovega page where it says "404 Error - Page Not Found".

But - there is no error, and this is an actual page created for this purpose. In other words, you can’t unsubscribe: you'll be taken to that tailor-made bogus page forever; once on that page you'll find a convenient "Please click here to continue browsing the site", and that takes you to their Home Page. This type of duplicity is not new, and some rogue RTG casinos already use this ‘technique’. See below for the simple solution.

The casino uses shills on forums.

Shills are always funny, as their M.O. is always transparent. WOL had the visit of a BamaLisa, no longer visible on their members list, obviously for being banned. Here’s for your entertainment, and hoping that you'll enjoy:

WINNERonline Gambling Discussion - Casino you can count on!!. After being told off often, that er had the balls to deny, and kept it going, up to a page 4, with 13 posts! Jetset did sum it up thus: http://mb.winneronline.com/showthrea...4&page=4&pp=10, after Mary, which is none other that “The Original Mary”, proceeded to ‘deconstruct’ the er, on that last page’s first post. It would not be out of the question that the ‘floor manager’, Mike himself, was BamaLisa’s true identity : ) And why not read the whole thread: it’s good for a laugh, because everything else about these thieving creeps is sordid: stealing money is a felony where I come from, and probably you too.

The casino has rules that can’t be found on their site.

Did you know that any amount that you deposit, in order to play without the obligations of wagering requirements, is subject to a ‘15 times playthrough’? You wouldn’t have known, because that’s not on the site – we know of some that were fooled by this – don’t be a victim! I’ve also seen other numbers than X15 posted elsewhere – of course, anything can be changed without a notice, anytime… see their ‘cover all’, ‘do as we please’ rule at the end of this post.

I also recall some player (that’d be in one of the selected posts' links) that every time he thought he had met requirements, and checked with CS, he was always told that he had much more to wager – on every occasion; a case of the ever-increasing requirements at each phone call; a very sad old trick used on me at one time; but that’s in the past, and with different rogues.

The casino has many complaints going on at any given time.

Before playing at an online casino, a player owes himself to research it. In this case Google comes in handy: just enter casinovega+complaints, or casinovega+no pay. Most of the following have been found in this way, and we could go on and on, with more searches with different wording, and even with a different engine:

WINNERonline Gambling Discussion - CasinoVega withholding my winnings

The casino uses various rules, causing players to err, and disqualifying.

The complexity begins with having 3 specific weekdays in which to withdraw. If you cashout on one of the ‘wrong days’, beware: your balance will be returned to your account, and you won’t know about this unless you check, and ask them ‘what’s up?’ The assortment of scenarios where the player will be tricked, from ‘unique’ rules spread out in diverse, and far apart areas throughout the site (for that very purpose!), are too many to name them all. We’ll just take some of their unique rules, and let your imagination create a wide range of scenarios where the player will get screwed. Your wildest made up scenario has probably happened at some time!

One rule has 19 countries banned from play, yet all of them are available when signing up.

One rule has it that you can only cashout if you’ve made a deposit of $25, 14 days prior to a cashout (with no doubt more wagering requirements attached), and another rule has it that your balance must be less than $25 in order to make a deposit! By all means peruse all of the pages – and sub-pages of casinovega.com - and you will come to the same conclusion that we did, and alas, especially the victims who played there: You Can’t Win!

The casino locks accounts, keeping deposits, unless the media gets into the act.

We don’t doubt for a second that this poor excuse for a casino does keep all lost deposits from players who disqualify; as for those who win, it seems to be the same: they just use one of their 1001 rules, lock accounts, keeping deposits, unless the media gets involved:

CasinoVega dispute

About the casino’s Fun Mode play.

Please note: this is from one person only, me, having played less than 100 hands at Blackjack in Fun Mode. I begun with the balance of $20, and placed my bets, ranging from $1 (the minimum) to $5, and I’ve reached the amount of $100 quickly and easily – just too quick and easy, in this online BJ player’s mind, to be real.

Again, this is one Fun Mode player’s account only. Since the whole site is full of booby traps, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Fun Play was on a different program than Real Play! It’s been known for fact that Elka Systems, later renamed Oyster, did in fact offer a Fun Play where everyone would win easy, only to cheat players with biased software in Real Play.

Thus, only if many others come to the conclusion that Fun Mode is such that they all will win ‘too easily’, could we begin to establish yet another of casinovega’s dirty tricks. I invite you to try them in Fun Mode – we might be on to something – just don’t deposit a damn penny! Also, you will experience getting the emails from which you can’t unsubscribe (!), but the solution’s easy enough: just ban the email's origin.

And if all else fails,

And if you've miraculously jumped through all the hoops… don’t think that you’re home free: you’re not, by a long shot. The last two lines of casinovega’s 'House Rules' are:

“Management reserves the right to refuse or close any account at their sole discretion”, and

“All rules and regulations contained herein are subject to change without prior notice”.

That is their license to steal, and I can assure you that it’s a well worn one.

Be careful out there, and on your “Do Not Play at all costs” list, be sure to add:

Casino Vega, Bingo Vega & Planet Poker – You Can Never Win!

I’d like to thank the fact finders that helped me put all of this together.

From us to you: you’ve been honestly warned.