Checking my Google webmaster tools on one of my sites http://www.dodgyonlinecasinohistory.net I discover bannerblindness.com has over 1,000 links pointing back to my home page.

From what I can tell every blog page has a link pointing back. All pages are not relevant content and are merely blog spam links.

bannerblindness.com claims to be an SEO company operating out of the USA. However IMHO it's acting extremely unprofessional and void of ethics by conducting itself in this manner.

I'm of two opinion why this is taking place.

  • Either one of their clients is trying to de-rank the site by using a Google bowling technique employed by bannerblindness.com
  • Or bannerblindness.com is trying to out rank my site in serps.

Either way and with the new implementation of Google flagging suspect 1 way unnatural links it could certainly have devistating effects on my sites SERPS.

It should be noted bannerblindness.com is doing this to untold number of web sites across numerous niches.

As a heads up I wanted to post this so maybe you've also see bannerblindness.com show in your stats or you can go check it out to see if your site is also listed.

This is just a small sample of seven (7) URLs pointing back to my site: