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    Default Betfair tricks with payments

    I want to warn you , that Betfair still continue famous trick known as " how to pay affiliates after many months".
    I sent them my payment details in march and ..... this month i received from them information :

    Hi there,
    Unfortunately these bank details were sent to us after our last payment run. We will now attempt to send your payments in the May payment run. We typically aim to send payments by the 25th of the month end.

    The Betfair Affiliate Team.

    How they could run my march payment in ... march? Is that possible that Nostradamus working for Betfair?

    I know that they wil pay me , i know that they are biiiig company , but if their managers receiving their payments also after few months ?

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    Our payment runs begin at the start of each month, for the previous months activities. You were contacted as your details were incorrect in our system and would prevent you from receiving your commissions.
    As stated in personal communication, your details were corrected on the 4th of April, unfortunately this was after the payment run had been processed for March Payments. For this reason we have informed you that you can expect your payments in next months run.

    We apologise for this delay.

    The Betfair Affiliate Team.

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