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    Default Betting on lower-tier tennis match questioned

    Betfair is known for alerting sporting bodies when there have been suspicious betting patters on specific matches. Their most well-known case involved top player Nikolay Davydenko a few years ago.

    Well, the online betting exchange informed tennis officials that over $1.5 million was wagered on a lower tier match in Rhode Island this week and that an amount like that raises red flags.

    From ESPN:

    Online gambling exchange Betfair told The Associated Press Friday that Tuesday's match attracted an unusual $1.5 million in wagers and was the subject of dramatic price movement.

    Bloomfield, of Britain, won the match 7-6 (1), 6-3.

    Bloomfield, ranked No. 552, was rated even money against his 160th-ranked Belgian opponent. In the hours before the match, the odds on Bloomfield winning shortened to 1-4. After he won the first set, the odds shorted to 1-8.

    "If people are willing to risk 4 pounds to win one, that is indicative of a substantial gamble," Betfair spokesman Tony Calvin said.

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    Might be another one coming up shortly. Franco Skugor's odds have dropped from odds-against to 1/4's with some bookmakers in less than a day! His match is about to start.

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