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    Exclamation BitCoin Seems To Be The Future For Us....

    Hello folks,

    How are you all doing?

    Well, it seems that BitCoin is the CryptoCurrency of choice as it is now taking over more and more of the world.

    I just read today that there are more Casino Affiliate Programs that are now just starting to pay their Affiliates their Affiliate Commissions through BitCoin.

    This is very interesting and this has only started to come to light now.

    I'll keep you updated about this.

    Have a great day and take care!

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    Who made you judge and jury, Progger?
    You are also only guest here in the forum like anyone else, and you of all people has no right to decide, who is welcome here and who is not.

    As an addendum I will quote my own reply from a few minutes ago with respect to your 2nd attack.
    I hate that, but with that cross posting rule, it's simply difficult sometimes, so I will quote myself to make the point to the audience as it is:

    Quote Originally Posted by Roulette Zeitung View Post
    Progger, you should know it better.
    And I know, that you know it better.
    This makes it more worst.
    I thought, since two months this hunt is finally over.

    Even the professional stalker from South Africa stopped chasing after this person.
    If you don't like posts from other members, then simply scroll down.

    If people applauding with thanks e.g. to such a hunt, then this is not only sad. They should better inform themselves about the situation of that person before requesting the electric chair.

    Principles of live and let live are not always easy, but if a person is simply different and only searching for warmth and harmony in this cruel industry, then the price is not too high to be a supporter rather than a destroyer of that person in a forum, because on the contrary to most worthless 3-word posts here his posts are coming from the heart.

    "Spam" always happens with intent, with bad intent.

    Quote is from Platinum Sponsor area, Bet365 section, "No Reply from Bet365 Getting Very Worried here", Post #8.


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    Hmm well for for me this whole sudden out of nowhere BCH euphoria is very strange.Bitcoin is technology that can be copied or improved upon and thus replaced. Gold is a store of value that cannot be replaced because it is one of the elements of the periodic table. But then again i might change my opinions soon!

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    This is madness.
    We are all bloodsucking ticks, hungry, devious
    each one latched on to the ass of the previous
    when the last and the first latch on it can be shown
    ass-blood sucked by the first from the last is his own

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    vtyunby65 - You just now might have read about bitcoin, but is is widely know to the forum users here. There are several threads on GPWA regarding bitcoin. Please feel free to search the forum if you want more information. Because there are several active threads regarding bitcoin, and this does not qualify as "Industry News" I am closing this thread. I will send you a skype to further explain.
    I am here to help if you have any issues with an affiliate program.
    Become involved in GPWA to truly make the association your own:
    Apply for Private Membership | Apply for the GPWA Seal | Partner with a GPWA Sponsor | Volunteer as a Moderator

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