The Resurrection of Online Poker in America

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by , 14 July 2021 at 11:37 am (485 Views)
It's a week of [URL=""]gambling news[/URL] to lift your spirits, if you're a fan of US online poker! Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia are all actively looking into forming online poker compacts across state borders! They could also end up joining the existing poker compact between Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware!


Casino games are played against the house. But poker needs players playing against players in order to make money. That’s why the smaller states (with smaller populations) often struggle to justify the cost of regulating the activity. But all that has changed now that the [URL=""]Justice Department[/URL] is out of the picture. Now, even the smallest states are free to join together to pool their players across state lines and form larger, more profitable player pools!

Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan are making [URL=""]online poker news[/URL] by talking about forming an internet poker compact with one another, with other states, or even joining an existing poker compact! Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware already have an existing poker compact, allowing players in those states to play across state lines against one another.

In other online poker news, and not to be left behind, the [URL=""]World Series of Poker[/URL] has announced that they too will be entering the Pennsylvania market, nearly two years to the day after the state legalized and regulated online gambling. In fact the WSOP website is already up and running and accepting players!