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Why Release 1000 Slots On The Same Day?

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by , 10 April 2014 at 1:29 pm (2365 Views)
Here's a serious question for anyone reading this who might have the real answer.

Why do Microgaming and, more particularly, their Quickfire game distribution platform always release so many games on the same day?

You'll find that, every 3 weeks or so, half a dozen slots go live on a variety of online casinos all at the same time - all pushed out to them via Microgaming Quickfire. The majority of these slots aren't developed by Microgaming themselves but it's not uncommon that a couple of them are.

To me this makes no sense. It makes no sense for the casinos. It makes no sense for Microgaming and, of course, it makes no sense for the slot developers themselves.

Imagine if you are a small slots producer - 2By2 Gaming, for example. You've managed to sign a deal with Quickfire to distribute your games. Hooray, you think - we're on our way. Except, you're not. Because the day your new slot goes live on, say, JetBull or CasinoLuck, 4 other slots have gone live too.

So what does the player chose? He or she sees 5 new games and, surprise surprise, picks the game that is most recognisable: most likely one of the new Microgaming slots. After all, you can't play 5 new slots all on the same day (unless you happen to run a slots review website, that is!)

How does competing with bigger name slots from bigger brands help 2By2? Clearly it doesn't.

How does having 5 new slots live on the same day help the online casino? Well, it's nice to get new games, but it would be better if the release dates were staggered. That way people coming back would see something new every few days rather than nothing for 2 to 3 weeks. It doesn't really help the online casino either, then.

In fact, it doesn't really even help Microgaming or their Quickfire platform to do this. It's not in their financial interests to have their own brand games competing with other new releases and, I feel sure, that if the releases were staggered, each would do better as players would be more likely to try them out.

So, serious question. Just why do they do this?
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