A Call to Boycott

The GPWA, as well as many non-member portals, has been working for the last two months with many casinos/groups to negotiate with them to stop their use of predatory advertising. Our goal has been for them to, at the very least, issue formal commitments to drop their use of scumware at the end of their current campaigns. We have not asked anyone to forfeit money by stopping a current campaign.

Many portal owners are paying high prices per visitor - the practice of placing ads in front of our customers, without the site owner's permission or affiliate code is costly to the affiliate industry, which is already ailing. This may, in fact, be the primary reason our sales have been suffering for the last several months. While these casinos have been telling us it’s due to the credit card processing problems, they’ve been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to place ads in front of OUR customers, to steal them from us.

Do not be fooled into thinking your portal is not being affected by their use of predatory advertising. They’re targeting our portals because of the high quality, targeted traffic we produce; the more successful your portal is, the more you’re being targeted!

Many casinos have conceded in the best interest of supporting their affiliates and fair business practice. However, there are a few that are either refusing to drop their predatory advertising, or have refused to issue commitment statements.

Given the refusal of these casinos to commit to fair and ethical business practices, and to prove their support of affiliates through their actions and not just their words, a majority of GPWA members have voted to discontinue advertising casinos that are using our portals and predatory advertising to steal our business.

We are asking all portals to join us in a boycott, effective February 21, 2003.
The majority of our members will be pulling all banner and prominent advertising for the following casinos; many members will be pulling these casinos off their sites completely – we ask that you join us.

Spiral Solutions Casinos
All Slots
Atlantis Fortune
Big Dollar
Big Flash
First Web
Jackpots in a Flash
King Neptunes
Trident Lounge
Piggs Peak
Wild Jack

Fortune Lounge Casinos
7 Sultans
Royal Vegas
Vegas Palms
Vegas Villa
(Please note: Not all Fortune Affiliate Casinos are using scumware)

Referback Casinos (please note, not all RB casinos are using scumware)
The Gaming Club
Aces High
Jackpot City
Lucky Nugget

Various other casinos:

Reef Club Casino
USA Casino
New York Casino
Bella Vegas
Casino Grand Bay
King Solomon's
5 Roses Casino

(This list will be updated with additions/removals, as necessary)

Please remember that the boycotting of these casinos does NOT necessarily mean a loss of income for the affiliates – simply redirect your traffic to casinos that are not using predatory advertising. Your player databases at the scumware casinos will remain intact and still provide earnings; we’re simply not going to send them any new business. They apparently believe their scumware campaigns are effective enough without us, and clearly believe their affiliates are not valuable.

To the Offending Casinos:
The Boycott is only the next step in this battle. If you’re not aware of the legal ramifications of the theft you’re committing against portals and other casinos, we suggest you educate yourself to the legal precedents that have been set in U.S. courts, and the awards for damages that have already been won. There are a number of articles listed in our public forum for The Scumware Battle at https://www.gpwa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7608

If you should decide to move back over to the ethical side of doing business, please send your formal commitment to do so to Manager@gpwa.org, and we’ll publish your updated status immediately.