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    Thumbs up CAC Macau - Report

    Just back, so thought I'd share one or two things.

    I have to say that this is my favourite conference on the calendar for two reasons: firstly the location is fantastic - even if I do lose my ass gambling with Spearmaster every year - and secondly the information you get from the talks is eye-opening. This year I spent the first 2 nights in Hong Kong with Spear - what an amazing place! Went up to the "Peak" to view the whole of HK and then watched the Harbour Light show in the evening. Fantastic food too!

    I've attended the last two CAC Macau's and learned enough last year to understand that I didn't understand the Asian market well enough to go into it straight away! So back again this year and I think I've come away with enough info now to give it a try.

    I was surprised at the small attendence - only about 50 delegates - but actually that worked out good for me as I got a chance to chat to everyone between sessions and ask lots of questions. Especially interesting were the sessions, Q&A and follow up chats with Franky the SEO guy. Now that could be a very useful relationship!

    I didn't attend all the talks but those I did were great. I'd probably say that the Q&A at the end of each session was probably the most interesting bit for me (I'm sure ppl got fed up with me raising my hand!) and beacuse it was small it meant I could pretty much ask everything I needed to know.

    I guess not that many people are thinking about Asia - which I'm quite surprised at actually - and I have no doubt that it would be near impossible for a lot of us to get any market share without listening to what these guys have to say. The state of affairs, in China especially, is fraught with pitfalls but the presenters gave some very useful information on how to approach that and get traffic without tripping any filters. The Search Engine tips alone were gold.

    I've come back with a relatively clear idea of what I want to do now and I'd like to thank Marc for sticking with an event that clearly isn't a money maker - especially when affiliates now go free and he has to fly in speakers from everywhere.

    I really hope it's on next year and if it is, I'd really urge more people to go because with more people it has the potential to be Vegas II. Good to see a few affiliates there from GPWA too. Oh and thanks to Jonathan at Club World for his hospitality - a great meal at the Wynn, even if I did double the bill by saying "yes" to truffles on my pizza Sorry mate.

    Oh and the lunches at CAC were *amazing*! The best food I've ever had at any conference so far! LOL... so that's the 3rd reason


    PS. Cheers Spearmaster for the guided tour of HK too! Spot on.

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    Thanks for the feedback Simmo! Sounds like you had a great time. I really wish I could have gone, but hopefully if Marc holds the CAC in Macau next year I will be able to go.
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    I went last year and even though there weren't many affiliates, it was good jus to take the mickey out of Simmo

    I missed Macau this year but hope to go next year
    Acquisition & Affiliate Manager

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    I am just around the corner from Macau! Will have to make the next one and work my liver out. Its already in Beer training.. mmm beeerrrr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris-AffiliateClub View Post
    I went last year and even though there weren't many affiliates, it was good jus to take the mickey out of Simmo

    I missed Macau this year but hope to go next year

    Yea that is what I am afraid of, no point in going to macau just to chill with affiliate managers

    Hopefully it will attract the affiliates interest as well

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