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    Default Affiliate Program Warning

    Hi all,

    Thought I should make affiliates aware, of an ongoing issue, at the affiliate program for (IMO, yet another questionable White Label)

    The short story:

    • Affiliate and AM made an rev-share agreement to test traffic/players.
    • Affiliate sent players (a lot of players).
    • However, program didn't pay commission(s).
    • Affiliate made many attempts to get paid, but was ignored.
    • Finally, affiliate cracks the sh#ts, and loses the plot.
    • Program then terminates affiliate account, stating abusive behavior etc.

    The full thread can be viewed here:


    NB - A few days later, a female signs up at AGD, and her 1'st post, is to the above thread. Cutting another story short, (Megan) displayed all the hallmarks of a SHILL for CasinoToken, and used one of their images as an avatar. When questioned, she because very defensive.

    A couple of days later, a guy using the AGD account Nick of: Peter Grunt (but claiming to be "JOHN") commences a post. Since then, we've exchanged a few posts/comments. One of which he accused both myself and the OP, as having a "terroristic approach"...anyway... do yourself a favor and read the thread.

    Hopefully it will stop other affiliates getting shafted
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    Compliance: a code word for control

    Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. It's called integrity.

    It's your right to be treated honestly: fairness for all igaming affiliates -

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    Some white label wanting to test traffic. That's where it went wrong already. You know that value of your traffic, up to them to monetize that traffic. Websites are no playground to run tests.

    If this kind of brands wants to "test" traffic, I'd ask a fee. To be paid upfront of course.

    Or just delete their request, as their website looks absolutely horrible. Even without a test more than likely, they will just waste your traffic. It seems both the owner and the affiliate manager are mentally challenged.
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    Took 15/20 to ready the thread on AGD, was fascinating to say the least. Can't understand why an affiliate manager would take that kind of attitude, completly alienated himself from a forum full of people who could send him traffic for the sake of a few hundred $.

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    Disgusting, arrogant people. I have quite nice traffic here, I had 40% when we started but when I decided to stop pushing this hard this SCAM sh*t changed my RS to 5%. And I am not like dead account with zero traffic. Im robbed from 35% of the revenue generated by my players.

    How its possible they still doing well. CasinoToken is blacklisted on the biggest sites in our industry...

    Ok, whats the point, Im digging thread up, let people know what it is. SCAM. Be careful.

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    This must be made known to everyone.
    In order to prevent this from becoming a chronic problem.
    You will be blacklisted soon.

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