Some of you may have noticed there was a thread here recently that discussed issues with creating campaigns.

I requested help from a rep, and that I wanted to discuss it here in the forum as the solution could affect everyone, but was instead told to request support by email, and the email response I received dealt with a previous issue of logging in that took outside help to convince them to fix.

Anyway, I stayed on the issue and figured out what was happening without their help.

I determined that I could create profiles in some browsers but not others, even after a reboot.

It turns out that in recent times, Flash's latest version had an activeX fix in it for IE, so I suspected it had something to do with flash.

I tried to create a profile (using Firefox) which failed, ran the update, and tried again and it worked after the flash update.

Now I do not know if it was flash itself that did it, the activeX component, or the NAPI component, but that is what worked.

Looking at Flash Version page, it shows that the .209 is a NAPI

So if anyone gets an error trying to create a campaign, try a different browser, or make sure your flash is updated.

Previous to the update it was
After update it was (Firefox)
After update it was (Internet Explorer)

Although not logical, it may be that something in flash was corrupted and reinstalling the latest version did the trick.