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    Default Clinton the favorite to win according to bookmakers

    Interesting story in the Las Vegas Sun about how I-gambling companies are taking bets on the US Presidential race, and Clinton is the favorite.

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    I read a similar article as well. I think the odds are correct - all things considered. However, like in FOOTBALL, anything can happen.

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    ...and even if someone win by numbers doesn't mean they will win the election as we have seen before. Would have been fun to see how the betting companies would have acted with the Californian elector votes etc last time.

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    Hi all,

    while i have no problems with a woman for prez .... in fact they prob couldn't do worse .... I'm not a fan of Hillary because she should have had the balls to divorce bill when it was so obvious he was screwing around and by staying it said to me she had alternative motives for sticking it out.

    just my opinion but i don't hold with cheats. If you're so unhappy at home you can't keep it in your pants until you get there...... or work out your intimate problems with your spouse .... you should move on and let that spouse also seek happiness somewhere else. life is too short to put up with humiliation and obvious stress that comes with living with a cheat that embarrasses you the way bill did her.

    don't hit me! just my opinion.
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