I've finally had to install ip logging on my submit form for my recip links, as some clown from India who obvious either can't understand English or just doesn't care if Only gambling sites are allowed keeps adding his damn links.
I've now got the ip, time & date being written to a flat file.

Anyways I'm figuring if I'm getting hit with his constant link adding (up to 15 a day) then maybe others here are also getting hassled by this clown too.

Here are his details:

Name: anjan
E-mail: anjan@seoindia.org
URL: xxxhttp://www.wayoftheclick.com
Reciprocal link: xxxhttp://www.wayoftheclick.com/resources1/general-5.html
Title: PPC Marketing
PPC Marketing is a tricky job. Be careful to not waste your money and make right choice