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    Default Club Dice Casino-Scumware position

    Hi to you all,

    Below you can find Club Dice Casino position regarding Scumware, this can also be found on our site.

    "We forbid all advertising methods called "scumware" - Gator, WhenU and others.
    Any affiliate caught using those methods will be banned from our program.
    We reserve the right to take legal action against this particular affiliate.
    Note that we have powerful means to analyze the traffic coming to our site and we'll be notified as soon as one click comes from such platform.
    We also invite you to notify us if you come across such abuse."

    For those of you who wish to talk to me about it, you are more than welcome to send me an email ay any time.

    Plus, I will be in Amsterdam to answer to all of your question regarding this issue in the show closing panel.
    Ron Pick
    Affiliate Account Manager
    Infomedia 2000 Ltd.
    Setting New Standards for the Casino Affiliate Arena

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    Welcome Yael

    Thanks for that statement and Kudos on your stance! k:


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