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Thread: Conversion Rate

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    Default Click Conversion

    Is it the financial crisis then as I have about 250 clicks a day, 1 sign up a week.

    Yes they are spread over about 90 casinos/poker/bingo etc...surely when so many click the casino site should be providing more on their homepage to score?

    If the rule of thumb was guaranteed I would be a very rich man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbush54 View Post
    I was wondering how long do you promote a brand before you decide it just isn't going to convert for you? I've experienced zero clicks/no downloads on some brands for the past six months. Would you continue to promote or would you say enough is enough and move on?
    I dont know how much traffic the site in question is getting but, 6 months with no clicks implies the code is not working.

    If the code is working (you can check that yourself, by clicking on a link) then check is your site actually getting any traffic (add a free stats counter).

    If the code is tracking clicks but you are not getting sign up's then that is what I would call a conversion issue and would suggest you change to promote something else.

    I would have said enough is enough months ago, I give a banner a max of a month and generally only 2 weeks to 'prove itself'.

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