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    Well, I think we're splitting hairs here. Roguing is a last resort, simply because a certain time frame does pass... and during that time we attempt every other professional tactic and exhaust every other practical resource. Then, when all else fails, we rogue.
    I do not like to see the word "rogue" if it is not applicable.

    The program has paid every $ you earned/will earn.

    If I see Lawrence on MSN or send an email I always get a response within 24 hours, have not yet seen a lot of programs accomplish this.

    I know Lawrence is very busy now - doing a 2 man job - and just does not have much time right now to respond to PSP terms changes.

    I am fully aware of the pain you feel about the loss you may suffer and the waiting can be very annoying.

    I have lost a lot money to programs that could not keep the tag to players for more than one week/month and I lost all those (good) players. Basically I had to start from scratch 3 times now.

    Again if you want to rogue PSP / Commissionwarehouse and other whitelabels they consist of you are destroying other peoples work because players read this stuff too. Basically you are telling this microgaming group/casinos are rogued, can not be trusted. If we rogue VA too and some others you have basically achieved nothing because players will stay away from all micros no matter what you tell them is good in your opinion.

    So I know this retro thing is some serious S but if this is the only thing I had to worry about I would sleep a H of a lot better.

    Lets wait and see what the outcome will be, PSP cannot postphone for ever.
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    Thank you so much, GCG. I agree that we need to have a few steps between a "Good" program and a "Rogue" one. This is why I suggested we develop an official criteria and a set process to follow. I have held the belief for a while now that affiliates need to be receptive to the fact that this industry has had the holy hell kicked out of it. With UIGEA and seizures of funds... with the economy in the crapper and increasing difficulties with processing... there's just not a free flow of cash the way things were before 2006.

    I will most likely get shredded for this, but here goes: No program can operate in the red and stay in business, and there are many expenses associated with running one of these things. They owe a large percentage to their software providers, pay processing and transaction fees, and pass on up to 35% to affiliates. Additionally, they have to eat huge losses from player wins, and then potentially pay webmasters additional commissions on an overall net loss. I understand that many of these program have placed themselves in this position due to things like "no negative carry over", but the facts at this point in time are that some could go under if they don't stop the bleeding.

    I am not for one moment saying that we have to accept retro-active terms without doing our homework and negotiating the best deal possible. But what I am saying is that I believe it's dangerous for us to take the attitude that we will NEVER accept retro changes unless they benefit us, and that we will ALWAYS rogue a program that changes their T&C's no matter the cost. If you paint them into a corner and refuse to work with them, they may be forced to make a final choice between accepting affiliates demands and going out of business... or cutting affiliates off and taking their chances. Which way do you think they will go? No program will voluntarily shut down if they could cut affiliates out and survive. Do we really want to facilitate another 5 to 10 Grand Prive out there?

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