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    Default CPA or Revenue Share?

    Eighty per cent (80%) of affiliate programs today use as a compensation method for their affiliates the “Revenue Sharing” scheme, while a nineteen per cent (19%) use the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) scheme to compensate their affiliates, the other methods being CPL (cost per lead) and hybrids of these.

    For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a merchant rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts and website.

    When talking about a Revenue Share model, the affiliate will receive a percentage (%) on the lifetime revenue of every player they have brought to the merchant. On a CPA model of remuneration, the affiliate will receive a ‘one off’ commission payment for every depositing player coming to the casino.

    From an affiliate’s point of view and at first sight, the CPA compensation scheme may sound more attractive and it is a faster way to receive some income for introducing new players to a casino. However, the majority of CPA deals will have ‘triggering’ requirements in order for the merchant to pay, be it a wagering or depositing requirement. If these aren’t met in a certain time limit, or not at all, this payment will not be made.

    Whereas with the Revenue Sharing scheme, the compensation received by the affiliate is a continuous one (lifetime earnings) for as long as the player introduced to the casino continues generating revenue. The affiliates will still need to get new players in order to grow but they will have a steady reliable income that can snowball into huge payments in the long run, especially if the affiliate lands a ‘whale’.

    The choice is always there for the affiliate and with a strong affiliate program team to explain, guide and support every individual affiliate and their needs, success is just around the corner!

    Poll - Which performs best on a monthly basis?

    CPA 15.79%
    Rev Share 80.26%
    Little Difference between the two 3.95%

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