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    Default Dafabet refusing to pay commissions.

    Having some trouble with Dafabet and my AM Dana- as Dafabet are refusing to pay current and backdated commissions totalling approx USD $10,000.

    Dafabet have a five active players in a month rule which we reached in September. Dafabet then determined that two players might be suspicious / fraud (despite all players losing money and no chargebacks).

    Because Dafabet have specific player reporting I investigated and found that all FIVE players have been active for months - they've been playing without issue - and THEY CONTINUE to play at Dafabet without issue.

    Clearly none of these players are suspicious / fraudulent.

    When I pointed this out to my AM she went away and after a fortnight has come back and said :

    "I'm afraid we really can't give consideration as it was decided already. We highly suggest to bring more players for the next few months for us to release the carryovers."

    I've replied that if they want active affiliate then they need to pay commissions when they are due and terms have been met.

    I think that I've run into an ineffective / inexperienced AM who is making up rules.
    Does anyone have a good contact at Dafabet?

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    Some time ago we were interested in working with Dafabt, but the contact was so unprofessional and bad, everything took so long that we immediately decided not to work with them.

    We also had contact with a Dana and, as I said, were not very happy with the communication. My recommendation would definitely not be to work with Dafabet

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    Oh yes, our communication with Dafabet also didn't go well, unfortunately

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