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Thread: Dear AffClub

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    Default Dear AffClub

    Rather than contacting you directly for fear of it being ignored I will do so here. I do not belong or have agreed fully, partially or otherwise to support your program. I am not up for sale nor should my private email.

    However I am hardly surprised by this sort of behaviour because it is consistent with past events.

    I certainly don’t have to travel across the Globe to “meet” or tell you what I like about our casinos. Trust me you wouldn’t want to hear it. Futhermore I am a banned from CAP not as if it would make any difference anyway.

    So please stop the emails and continue on doing whatever AFFClub does best.

    BTW: Since when does the AffClub support white hat affiliates?



    Hi Peter,
    As an affiliate, conventions are perfect for you to meet in person the casino operators that you work with. Likewise it's great for us to put a face to the name of our affiliates.
    We will be in Barcelona for the CAP Euro event between October 4th and 7th and we would love to meet you. This is your chance to tell us what you like about our casinos, how we perform and to build an even better relationship than we already have.
    AffClub are one of the major sponsors of this event and we would love to see you at our booth at any time. If you would like a more formal meeting to discuss business opportunities just email your account manager or and let us know what day and time will be convenient for a meeting and we'll make sure we look after you.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best Regards Affiliate Team
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