Hi Guys!

The Wager Junction team is happy to announce some massive wins on the Desert Treasure Slots machine. A Canadian player who first signed up to Windows Casino in 2007 won CAD$97k on the 5th of January playing the game. In this gaming session he did not win this amount in one go, he accumulated it from a whole days play.

The player whose name is Andreas C. hails from Nova Scotia which should be renamed Desert Scotia by the looks of it. This last weekend he won another huge amount on the slot game. This time he won CAD$100k in one spin on the bonus round.

Andreas has been betting large amounts on each spin. In his initial win he was betting $100 a spin and for the second win he was betting $200 a spin. We know that the Windows Casino team is overjoyed at the news as this is a long term player at the Casino who has won. Windows Casino is celebrating its 10th year of existence this year and what better way to do it than spread the love around we think.

We do have PR going out re this win in due course. As an affiliate, you can use our free Desert Treasure Flash Game to spread the word.

See how the game can be used or embedded in your site at the following link: http://www.wagerjunction.com/en-GB/N...s-Casino-.aspx