Hi Everyone,

I'm a webmaster of poker portal which has been running for a year now, but there was so many changes around it. Anyway I'm posting here because I'm sure when my private member status will be confirmed if CPWA comfirm it off course.

So I have start a brand new project for the website look and feel and I'll be extremely happy if someone take a look at it and give me some feedback here I will apreciate it.

And maybe my only and most important question - If someone knows something about hand histories scripts I think will help me alot. I don't have much time to spend at the moment for sitting down and writing a script so I was thinking about finding such one on the net. But couldn't find lol !

I'm looking for a PHP or Javascipt for importing it at my website and give the oportunity to the players to publish there hands and hand histories.

If someone knows something about that again I will realy pareciate it. Also if someone own such a script please PM me I'm sure that we can make some kind of a deal.

So thanks for reading my first post and I hope soon enough to become a real member of CPWA which will be really helpful I guess and I hope that I can help you too with something.

The website URL: www.pokermasters-bg.com/Joomla

its still hidden in a directory and I will lunch it at 1st of February Take a look I'm sure its not going to be a lost minute or two.

The site which is running now: www.pokermasters-bg.com

No need to check that

Regards all,