Don't know if I've got the tiger by the tail on this one, but can't see any other reason why this would happening. If you have any ideas why I'd appreciate knowing, thanks

Was going around checking my stats and see this link (please remove x)

To find my site quickly I just entered Wager2win UK. Ok so I'm listed.
So I start scrolling down the page and discover at spot #13 the following:

LooKiez - Your Web Search Engine!
Wager2win UK. Beginners casino guide, indepth reviews, news, casino forum & more for online casino beginners to Spain and travel agents offering short break holidays from the UK

The URL associated to this listing is:

I'm assuming that bartly is an affiliate or something. I've sent LooKiez an please explain email so I'm wating to hear back.

As a side note, I did take out six months of preferred listings for 7 keyword phrases which are displayed on a group of multiple network SE's. LooKiez I discovered is one of these too.

That may or may not explain why I've been getting so many crap hits from travel searches too. At this point I don't know what to think.