Hey (Konung)-Partners,

as we already mentioned one month ago, we give our best to keep your players motivated. Besides our VIP-program, Retention Team and several promotions, we made an additional Telegram Channel for our loyal players, so they have all infos immidiatly available. This tool is very effective for quick communication in promotional regards, but now we want to strengthen our community even more, to achieve an even bigger commitment with our brand.

To achieve that, we created a Discord Channel, where everyone is able to communicate with each other. We have different sections, for different regards. The players are able to post their biggest wins, ideas for improvement or just chat with each other. And of course we monitor the conversations, to avoid any sort of rude behavior.

We hope, that you can help us to bring life to our Channel and that your players will like our gaming environment even more after joining!

Here is the link to choin the channel:



I remember the last time I posted about our Telegram Group, some of you guys were concerned, because this could give us the possibilty to cross sell other products. I just want to make clear, that "Konung Casino" is the only brand we're working on and there won't be any efforts made, to promote anything else, than our product. Of course I understand, that just words don't give you any assurence.

So therefore: We invite every Konung Partner (who still feels insecure) to join our channel! We have nothing to hide and so you will able to see everything, what's going on and make sure, that no cross selling or anything similiar happens!