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  • Yes, I have already specified a site name for my main site.

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  • No, I have not specified a site name for my main site, but plan to do so this year.

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  • No, I have not spedified a site name for my mail site, but will do so eventually.

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  • No, I have not specified a site name for my main site, and am not sure I will bother.

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  • Other (please specify in a post).

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    Question Do you specify a site name for your sites?

    Last month Google announced it was introducing site names on mobile search results to make it easier to identify the website associated with each search result. You can see the announcement here:

    Google Search Central Blog: Introducing site names on Google Search

    You can use structured data on the home page of your site to let Google know the name you would like it to use. Documentation on how to do that is available here:

    Google Search Central: Provide a site name to Google Search

    In the announcement, Google also recommends revisiting the documentation for favicons, and that webmasters follow the current best practices.

    Google Search Central: Define a favicon to show in search results

    For this week's poll I ask if you currently indicate a site name on your home page or if you plan to do so. Besides voting in the poll, also post if you have a favicon specified for your site that meets the current standards, and is linked to from your home page or not.


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