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    Default Do you take separate hosting per domain/your business?

    Hi guys,

    Those who launches multiple websites, do you host your sites on new hosting or on same hosting with the other sites?
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    If you would like to do links between your websites, than you need separate hosting otherwise it could be penalized by big G.

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    I like to keep a layer of security while staying pretty organised so I host my sites according to their use.
    I'm not overly paranoid but I wouldn't want anyone taking a casual glance to be able to join the dots.
    Not worried about my money sites and tend to go for the big hosts although I like them on separate ip's.
    PBN's I use use PBN hosting such as Multiplecloud, priorityprospect or Bulkbuyhosting different ip's and different nameservers.
    Pump and dump and brandjacking sites I use someone like launchCDN just out of the share simplicity of being able to
    whack up a site on a new domain as soon as an old one has been de indexed.

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    It depends on how many sites do you have. If you have more then tree I would put them different servers and different registrars. Then you minimize the risk if one of your servers goes offline then other sites are still up. Another thing is that for Google it's hard to link your sites together.

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