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    Default Don't copy the website of casino

    I have a website about online casinos. I have more of 100 pages and I'd like to know if you have knowed a good programm as copyscape to avoid to be copied.

    is there a good programm free to 100 % ?
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    I recommend setting up google alerts for phrases that you believe are unique to your site. This will notify you whenever google notices a new page using that phrase if you set up a web alert. You may also want to set it up as a blog alert -- I'm not sure if the regular web alert version will report instances of the phrase if the pages use a blogging software.

    I know the Casino City reporters get copies of their articles sent straight to their inboxes from the google alerts. Although their alerts tend to be for more generic phrases and their articles are mixed in along with many non-copied ones, I think these could be helpful for smaller sites if there are specialized phrases you use often. (It is probably a good idea to set up google alerts for the keywords you are targeting anyway, just to keep up to date on what other material is targeting those terms.)
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    What Cityguard is saying makes sense to me. I've not used it for articles but I have used Google Alerts if I want to track an item of news, etc, to see how things develop.

    I suggest trying it out and see how things work out with it. It's free so you've nothing to lose.

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    That would be quite a list for casinocity though
    I dont htink you guys would have a problem even if content was stollen - the thief will get banned for dupes.

    You can also try and put your URL as a keyword - it wont help you much tracking stollen content, but there are other kinds of thiefs out there.

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