Hi everyone,

Anyone else has got issues over at Neteller - like randomly duplicated transactions in December or something like that?

Noticed yesterday when I got my first affiliate payment in 2019 that somehow neteller shows two of my transactions as double from mid December. Transaction descriptions are the same except the transaction id which is unique in every single case ... I mean wtf, that's what I call a clever system glitch.

After a quick google search I've found only one related issue report at betfair community forum if you google for neteller duplicated transactions you will see it on the first or second page.

Anyway, I think I don't have to worry because my balance was around 0 eur in December and it could have been quite remarkable to execute those (>300 eur) transactions because of the insufficient funds.

I have sent an email to Neteller, hopefully they're going to fix this very soon because it happend right at the beginning of the new year.