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    Default Everything about "Growth Hacking"

    "Growth Hacking" is becoming a big buzz word... I found a list of the top "growth hackers" online....


    1. Andrew Chen – The godfather of growth blogging. Spend some time in his archives. Great stuff!
    2. Adam Nash – Former LinkedIn exec and really smart dude. Every post is worth reading.
    3. Sean Ellis – The dude who coined the term “Growth Hacker.”
    4. Conrad Wadowski & Mattan Griffel – Growth consultants out of NYC. Young, but not dumb!
    5. Brian Balfour – Entreprenuer, Angel Investor, Growth Specialist.
    6. Dan Martell – Founder of Clarity, Flowtown and lecturer on growth.
    7. Tommy Griffith – If you’re just getting your feet wet with SEO, start with Tommy.
    8. Matt Cutts – Google’s inside man on all things SEO.
    9. Chamath Palihapitiya – Former growth lead at Facebook.
    10. Andy Johns – Former growth focused PM at Facebook, Twitter, Quora, former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Greylock, now at Wealthfront. Just don’t call him a “Growth Hacker.”
    11. Avinash Kaushik – The godfather of web analytics.
    12. Neil Patel – The guy behind the Kiss Analytics blog.
    13. Noah Kagan – Chief Sumo. Formerly at Facebook and Mint. Founder of multiple start-ups.
    14. Seth Godin – Yes, that Seth Godin.
    15. Nabeel Hyatt – Former Zynga exec turned VC.
    16. James Currier – The boss and one of the best brains on growth IMO. Founder of Tickle, Wonderhill, Ironpearl.
    17. Tomasz Tunguz – A venture capitalist who gets startup marketing.
    18. Jeremy Liew – He’s been working in the web game probably longer than you’ve been alive. He’s been writing about growth related topics on the Lightspeed blog since 2006. Super smart guy.
    19. Josh Elman – The guy who helped grow LinkedIn, Facebook AND Twitter… The holy moly trinity of fast growth social networks!
    20. Paul Graham – The man, the myth, the legend. Go back and read every one of his posts. Posts from 10 years ago are still relevant today!
    21. Mike Greenfield – Seasoned Facebook Platform startup founder. Growth Hacker-In-Residence at 500 Startups.
    22. Jason Cohen – Founder of WP Engine who shares his insights on startup marketing, product and everything inbetween.
    23. Rand Fishkin – My man Rand… Founder of and the oracle of search optimization.
    24. Nir Eyal – Nir writes some pretty great stuff around the psychologies of growth and user engagement. He just wrote a book called ‘Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.‘ Check it out.
    25. Nathan Barry – Successful independent Designer/ Developer/ Marketer hybrid.
    26. Mike DeVerna – Growth at, BranchOut, Pagefad.
    27. Shawn Collins – Learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing from Shawn.
    28. 500 Startups – A great resource for all things start-ups.
    29. Ryan Holiday – Best selling author has some great growth articles on Medium.
    30. Lance and Joanna – Great tips on hacking copywriting.
    31. Sangeet Paul Choudary – A great mind and excellent writer on Platform Thinking.
    32. Tim Ferriss – Learn from the master on how to hack your startup, your mind, your body and everything else in your life.
    33. Brad Feld – TechStars co-founder, author, marathon runner. Great posts on startups.
    34. Luke Wrobeloski – A world class data-driven designer.
    35. Alexis Ohanian – Founder of Reddit talks about their growth story.
    36. Danielle Morrill – CEO & Cofounder of Mattermark. Writer of things, often growth related.
    37. Vladimir Prelovac – An entrepreneur who often writes insightful SEO tips.
    38. Elliot Shmuckler – VP Product and Growth at Wealthfront. Previously led Growth (20M to 200M+) and consumer products at LinkedIn.
    39. Dan McKinley – Big data/ growth engineer at Etsy.
    40. Ian Lurie – Founder of respected Seattle marketing agency Portent.
    41. Will Critchlow – Cofounder of Distilled, the leading organic and paid search agency.
    42. David NaylorSEO expert.
    43. Steve Blank – Serial entrepreneur and author of multiple startup guide books.
    44. Dharmesh Shah – Cofounder of Hubspot… Has grown it into a billion dollar business.
    45. Mark Suster – VC who writes great advice for startups.
    46. Chris Dixon – Super tall dude. Also very smart.
    47. Fred Wilson – The bad guy from that Twitter book. Excellent blog.
    48. Aaron Ginn – Head of Growth at StumbleUpon, Formerly Growth Hacker for the Romney for President campaign.
    49. Stephan Miller – Lots of good advice on SEO and social media marketing.
    50. Kanyi Maqubela – A man born in a township outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, went to Stanford, has worked for Obama, a few startups, now at Collaborative Fund.
    51. Evan Solomon – Engineer and growth thinker. Previously at Automattic and Now at
    52. Ryan Carson – CEO and Founder of Treehouse, an online technology school that teaches you how to code, start a business, etc.
    53. Blake Masters – Writing a book on Peter Thiel’s brain titled "Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future"
    54. Jakub Linowski – UI Design Tips for conversion.

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    "8. Matt Cutts – Google’s inside man on all things <ACRONYM title="Search Engine Optimization">SEO"</ACRONYM>...

    Sounds like his wife waited a little longer than 4-5 years for that vacation

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    Nice post Derrick, thanks.

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    Very useful, thanks!!

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