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    Default eXbinoG Affiliates problem

    eXbinoG Affiliate is using affiliate software from BetConstruct.

    As I was talking to the Head of Partners (Daniel), they have bug at the home page. "Available" amount is not showing properly. In May 2015 I saw huge profit, so I expected withdrawal soon. May has gone, but nothing come. In June I was asking why (via affiliate system email box), cause they just denied my withdrawal for May without informing me. Finally I get answer via Skype in August 2015.

    Daniel said that my balance is negative and paste me link to my Stats. It was true that I was on big minus according to these Stats, which was showed deeper in the system. I can remember they know about this bug since about February 2015, but they excuse themselves that this is the fault of BetConstruct. Cause BC has higher priorities than fix this bug. I told them that eXbinoG credibility is suffering, not BetConstruct one.

    Between October 2014 and July 2015 I was talking with Polish guy from Affiliate Department (Wojciech). In May 2015 has showed many complainings from the customers. They couldn't handle with it. Finally, Polish guy denied me on Skype without any explanation, leaving contact with "eXbinoG Partners" profile only (operated by Daniel). It was really unpleasant. All other bookmakers are informing via email when official contact Affiliate-Bookmaker is changing...

    I had much more bad experience, I don't want to publish.
    I was talking with other guys from the brand about them.
    All 3 was not happy from the cooperation with eXbinoG.

    I found that there is a huge support problem within this bookmaker. Maybe in binary options too.
    IMO the people who are working for eXbinoG, have no appropriate knowledge of sportsbetting standards.
    Communication on the line Punter-Bookmaker, Affiliate-Bookmaker is poor. It is getting better as I notice fortunatelly.

    What experiences with this bookie do you have?

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    I spoke with english affiliate manager on Skype few days ago. My issue was lack of withdrawal affiliate earnings from eXbonoG affiliate program.

    He told me that they have few problem with affiliate software and the main problem is that Total Commission number in affiliate panel are not correct because it contain also bonus amount and refund (in case fraud) amount. So... the truth is that affiliate like we cant trust none of numbers from affiliate panel. If affiliate want to know real earnings it have to send email or make Skype call and believe in their response.

    He also told me that, they will try to fix this bug and show affiliates their real earnings in panel, but it will takes months.

    Poor affiliate standard.

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