Hi Guys

Starting on January 1st 2009, Wager Profits is offering GPWA affiliates an exclusive deal when promoting www.ActionPoker.com

Until May 1st 2009, any new or existing affiliates will be paid 45% revenue share on all players, new or old!!!!!

If you are not yet promoting Action Poker, simply open an account by following this link: http://affiliates.wagerprofits.com/registration.asp

Once you have opened the account, contact me via one of the methods below/send me a PM or post your username on the forum and I will ensure that your account is added to the 45% revenue share group. If you are already promoting Tiger Gaming and you would like to be added to the 45% revenue share group, contact me and Iíll place you in the correct commission group.

This is the first of many great promotions that Wager Profits will be offering to affiliates for 2009, for those of you that offer rakeback we have a huge promo starting in February 2008 giving you the chance to make $10,000, ensuring a successful and very profitable year for all who work with Wager Profits.