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    Thumbs down is giving me a headace!

    (This is my first post in GPWA so I am not sure if put this in right place)


    First I have to say that this is my first time I have problems with any program. I have done great business with Unibet, Nordicbet, BetSafe, Betsson and many more european site. They have very good affiliate managers!

    Back to topic. I started promoting Expekt in February 2011 and to this day I have got them total of 65 players. The problem is that I havenīt got any payments.. At the moment my account shows 2500€ and still waiting.
    I have tried to get some information about what's going and finally got a mail:

    "Please note that your commission has been put on hold due to standard routine checks.
    We hope to have further information for you shortly.

    Thank you for your understanding

    What? Routine check takes over 4 months and still counting? I have tried to pull more information that what is the problem and if there would be something I can help to get my earned money. They donīt answer my mails anymore..

    So I hope there is affiliate manager of Expekt here on GPWA to finally solve this problem, or someone to advice me what to do, so I could start to focus on something I am good at (promoting sportbooks) again.


    // Marko -
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    expekt are very bad and I like only win there

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    they are absolute crap I did not get my payment from 2011

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