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    Default Ezy-Gambet

    This latest round of spam is advertising directly to the Webmasters here.

    They are attemptiing to sell a players database.

    What they fail to mention is:
    Do they have rights to the database?
    Where did they get the database?
    Did everyone on the list give permission for ME to mail to them?
    Did everyone on the list give permission for YOU to mail to them?

    It is generally recommended that when considering a mailing campaign, consider the source of the email accounts. Do YOU have permission to mail to them?
    If it is a purchased or rented list, how can you verify permission has been given.

    When accused of sending spam, only the mailer is held liable....not the person selling the list.

    Just food for thought.

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    I got that, and I replied to it saying if I received any more of their spam, I would do my best to have their whole f***ing operation shut down.
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