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    Default Facebook/Meta announces detailed targeting updates

    In case you missed it last week, Meta announced last week that it is discontinuing certain detailed targeting options "for various reasons," including low usage, redundancy with other options, excessive granularity, association with sensitive topics (such as health, race, or ethnicity-related causes), or compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Where feasible, alternative targeting recommendations will be offered within Meta Ads Manager.

    From the annoucement:

    Starting January 15, 2024, weíre removing or consolidating some detailed targeting options that relate to topics people may perceive as sensitive. If you have affected campaigns, we will let you know with a warning banner on the Meta Ads Manager campaigns page. Existing ad sets with impacted targeting options will continue to run until March 18 2024, but will require you to update your targeting selections. After this date, we will stop delivering ads to the discontinued detailed targeting options, and impacted ad sets may be paused.

    Alternative targeting products to reach your audiences

    Beyond the remaining detailed targeting options, you can still use other available targeting products such as:

    Broad targeting, which includes gender, age and location. Targeting broadly essentially means that you're mostly relying on our delivery system to find the desired audience to show your ad to. This approach can lead to us finding potential customers you never would've known about otherwise.

    Custom audiences, which lets you find your existing audiences among people who are on Instagram and Facebook. You can use sources like customer lists, website or app traffic or engagement on Facebook and Instagram, to create custom audiences of people who already know your business. Meta Advantage custom audience can enable our systems to deliver ads beyond the original selected audience, if we think it is likely to improve the performance.

    Lookalike audiences, which are created from an existing audience, and can help optimize audience reach. Meta Advantage lookalike is when we may deliver ads beyond the selected 1-10% lookalike range. We do this if our system predicts itís likely to improve performance.

    Meta Advantage detailed targeting is when we may deliver ads beyond your detailed targeting selections if our system predicts itís likely to improve performance.

    Meta Advantage+ audience lets you use Metaís advanced AI to find your campaign audience.
    Read more here:

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    thanks for posting, good to keep up with the recent changes

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