Hi everyone,
Please welcome FortuneJack in Russia and other countries of CIS!
We池e thrilled to announce the significant expansion of FortuneJack Casino into the new market! From now on we値l be heavily pushing towards attracting the Players from Russia and other countries of CIS! We値l be going full throttle towards gaining new players and affiliate partners that work in this region!
The team behind FortuneJack is extremely keen on exploring new opportunities, deriving from this expansion and we値l be delighted to gain your support in this exciting operation!
These will be new opportunities unlike anything before! You値l be greatly rewarded for bringing us either Russian players or affiliate partners!
Please use all your influence, channels and connections so that we can gain mutual benefits and profits!
This is perhaps the most lucrative opportunity presented by FortuneJack to date! As always, we strive to bring the best service to the world of online gambling.

For more information, please contact us straightaway!

May the fortune be on your side!