Hello, I was wondering if anyone would like to exchange links with two new sites that I have. If you would like to check them for page rank, please do so.
Here are their domain names:

The first site has home page rank of 4, second pages rank at 3 and 3rd pages rank at 2. Links page is page rank of 3.
The second site has home page rank of 3, second pages are 2, no rank on third pages. I am redooing web pages at this time before Google ranks again.
Links page has page rank of 2.

I would be interested in doing link exchanges with websites of similar themes. I
would also be interested in home page link exchanges with websites of equal page rank value. Would also do inner pages as well with similar themed pages.

The only request is that I will not exchange links with sites with link farms.

Please email me at barry_ohman@yahoo.ca.

best regards,