French gambling regulator, L'Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), announced that it has seen “little significant progress” in the operator's action plans to prevent problem gambling, and has rejected six operators.

From ANJ:

The college of the National Gaming Authority has just examined the “Prevention of excessive or pathological gambling and underage gambling” action plans presented by the 203 casinos and 7 gaming clubs as well as those of the 235 racetracks. On this occasion, the ANJ noted little significant progress in terms of identifying and supporting excessive gamblers and a very heterogeneous level of compliance among casinos. It rejected the action plans of 6 of them.

The ordinance of October 2, 2019 reforming the regulation of gambling, which aims to strengthen the level of protection for players, has set a new obligation for casinos. These must submit each year for the approval of the ANJ their action plan with a view to preventing excessive gambling and gambling by minors and to promoting reasonable gambling. The purpose of the annual review is to assess the overall policy in this area deployed by casinos and gaming clubs.

It is on the promotion of the device of voluntary limitation of access (LVA) which constitutes an effective tool of protection of the players that the casinos progressed the most. In general, the ANJ notes few significant advances or innovative actions as well as a very heterogeneous level of compliance among casinos . Only 20% of ANJ prescriptions have been implemented.

For 2023, while most of the action plans have been approved, the ANJ reiterates the requirements for 2022. The action plans for 5 casinos and 1 gaming club have nevertheless been rejected.

In order to help casinos implement the obligation to identify and support excessive gamblers, the ANJ will soon publish a practical guide for casinos. This document has been drawn up in collaboration with these players and collects the good practices observed on this subject in France or internationally.
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