Hi Guys - Quick post on this event happening this week - The guy that runs these does it in his own time for the benefit of the industry and often at the cost to himself so if you can please go along and support the event this Thursday - Also I have negoitaed a deal where if you mention GPWA you get your ticket half price!

Public Gambit Events in 2008
Gambit on Affiliates
17th July (this thursday)
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Affiliates is a black art for the gaming world, what does it do? why the gaming world need their help/support? Is it replacement for good old traditional above and below the line marketing?
How important 'really' is this form of promotions?
Do the gaming operations and software vendors and the rest of the value chain need to be bothered about the affiliates??
What are the best practices that we can learn from other retail trading markets that can be employed in the gaming world, what are the best practices and would transparencies help?
Are affiliate the king makers? To answer these questions and more, Gambit will once again assemble the best the market has to offer both in terms of speakers and attendees and have a no hold bar insightful discussion and networking evening.
To answer these questions and more, Gambit on Affiliates will aim to assemble as usual the best speakers the sector has to offer and tackle these issues point by point.
Matt Adams, International director, Tradedoubler (confirmed) Ebbe Groes, CEO, Betbrain (confirmed) Marc Thomas, Sportsbook Marketing Director, 888 (TBC) Senior Director, Betfair (TBC)
It will take place at the Cass Business School:106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ
Find Cass Business School
6:00pm Welcoming drinks, tea & biscuits
6:30pm Panel discussion commence
8:00pm Drinks & Networking
9:00pm Proceedings finished at the business school, further networking to a local club/bar