Leave it to Gambling911.com to use this story as an argument against John Kyl's UIGEA.

A 13-year old stole his father's credit card and racked up $30,000 in charges to prostitutes.

When Newark police allegedly arrived on the scene, the report says they discovered $3,000 in cash, several electronic gadgets, an Xbox video console with a heap of games and two local call girls.

According to the story, the $1,000-per-night hookers, released without charge, said the boys told them they were people of stunted development who were traveling with a circus. The kids claimed state law prevents disabled workers to be discriminated against, so the prostitutes had no right to deny their services.
Gotta love the kid's explanation.

Full story, including Gambling911's reach to connect it to the Internet gambling debate, can be found here ... http://www.gambling911.com/13-Year-O...ox-051408.html