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Thread: German botnet

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    Default German botnet

    Interesting article regarding a botnet controlled by someone in Germany.

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    I do note co-ordinated hits from a group of German ip addresses (say 50 pages in 5 seconds) from time to time.

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    Very interesting article but shows a portion of why this stuff is not reduced.

    Until a commenter convinced them
    They did NOT plan to contact law enforcement in Germany.
    They did NOT plan to contact the FBI.
    They did NOT plan to contact Interpol.

    The command and control server continues, and more people are hacked every day from this botnet, and of course that also means that more people LOSE money every day because of this botnet.

    My guess is that if in fact THEY were hacked because of a botnet, or if THEY lost money because of a hack from a botnet, they would be upset and want the botnet shut down.

    However, they forensically came up with a LOT of information that the FBI/Interpol/German Law Enforcement could really use to help reduce thew amount of botnet traffic, even if for a short period.

    And who knows, this particular botnet may or may not be one of the many involved in the hacks against certain governments, certain political parties, or the millions of hacked websites around the world.

    But that's ok, they wrote a nice article about how they hacked a hacker, but were quite happy to allow hackers to continue to steal and hack away.

    They claimed after the fact, in the comments that did report it to German authorities, but in my opinion, they should have contacted the FBI immediately once they cracked the password. My guess is that their email inbox as well as social media accounts blew up after the article was published with a strong leaning toward reporting them.


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