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    Default Go Wild Database leak + commission cut

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm not the first to say this, but just wanted to let you know that GoWild’s database has been leaked - which means that all the players you guys brought are now receiving emails and phone calls from other casinos.
    In addition, they broke the agreement they had with me, 40% lifetime rev share, and lowered my commission to 25% after two months of decreased traffic.
    I suggest you think carefully if you wish to deal with such company.

    My communication with them can be found below:

    Commission cut

    Alexandra Tatahuia:
    I would like to inform you that the 40% Revenue Share deal that you have will expire at the end of this month. According to our T&C, starting from the 1st of June, your Revenue Share % will be based on your performance (Please note: Since you are an existing affiliate, the 50/50 deal for the first 2 months is not valid for you).

    Also, we have been analyzing your account and the traffic that you bring to our casino has slowly decreased (random example: July 2012 - 37 New Real Players, May 2013 - 7 New Real Players). I am interested to know if there is something we can do to improve your traffic, maybe you have an idea on how to promote us better or work on a new promo.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    I am very pleased to hear that when an affiliate has a few bad months you immediately look for the pray and try to cut his commissions. That is not a way to do business with a partner who has been loyal to you in the good times as well as the bad.

    We are constantly working on getting more players but I can assure you that when the good times will come again, and it will be sooner than you expect – we will consider very carefully if we wish to work by these terms, having to constantly fear that you will cut us off.

    It was more than clear to me when I signed up and spoke to Diana, that our deal is a LIFE-TIME 40% deal. We both know more than well that even if I was on %100 rev-share you would still make good money (very good money actually) just from cross-promotions and such.

    Your letter here is a warning sign to many of your affiliates who, I am sure, would be very much upset to hear about your new policies.

    Alexandra Tatahuia:
    Thank you for your reply.

    I do understand your position, however when you signed up and was given the high 40% flat rate this was done with the expectation of a certain growth generated from your players. You mention that you had a few bad months, but basically your traffic has been on the same level from day one.

    Your average monthly net profit is $1150, which is equal to 25% in your new performance based program.

    We are are more then happy to resume the 40% rev share with you, but your performance has to be accordingly, thats why we think this program is very fair. As you can read in our Terms and Conditions, a monthly net profit between $20.000 and $50.000 qualifies you for this 40%.

    Again, I am more then willing to provide you with any further information and/or materials/promotions for you to be able to increase your traffic.

    “You mention that you had a few bad months, but basically your traffic has been on the same level from day one”.

    My traffic has been on the same level since day one?
    In your last message you said:

    “The traffic that you bring to our casino has slowly decreased (random example: July 2012 - 37 New Real Players, May 2013 - 7 New Real Players)”.

    So suddenly I’m a lousy affiliate that brings you no traffic.

    If you have so many affiliates who brought you 37 players before and you can let your reputation go down the drain by cutting your partners, then that’s fine with me.

    It is unbelievable that you prefer to get 0 players than to share revenues with your partners.

    If you promise a life-time 40% to an affiliate, you can’t just wake up one day and cut him off – that’s predatory and gladly THERE IS something I can do about this which is tell other affiliates to beware.

    Alexandra Tatahuia:
    Since this decision has been made by the Upper Management, unfortunately I can not handle this matter any more further.

    Database leak

    I don't know if you are aware of this but your players database has been compromised.
    I created a test account a while ago using the email address (dliwog=gowild when turning the letters).
    Anyways, I started receiving promotional emails from affiliates, trying to promote other casinos.
    Please find a screenshot example attached.

    This worries me a lot, because all the players I sent to you in the past are now receiving promotional emails from other casinos.

    Can you please check how did this happen and let me know which preventative measures will be taken in the future regarding such incidents?

    Alexandra Tatahuia:
    As far as we know, we do not have a compromised database, so I would ask you if it's possible to forward me the full email you received from other casinos so we can check it more detailed.

    Also, isn't it possible for you to have registered in some other places with that email address? Our database system is secured and it's very much unlikely for it to be compromised or hacked.

    I forwarded to you 3 of the emails I received.
    This email address was created especially for this purpose - to see the players journey/funnel and to make sure everything is in place.
    Once I receive emails from other casinos/affiliates I know that either:
    a. Somebody was greedy enough to sell the data
    b. The database was hacked.

    Alexandra Tatahuia:
    We have made and investigation and I can assure you that everything is ok, our database is safe and very well protected.

    There is no reason for you to worry!

    If there is anything you need or I can help you with, please let me know.

    You be the judge.

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