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    Question Going the other way

    This may sound weird, but I was curious to know if anyone in the binary or forex affiliating work was trying to flip clients into gambling? I ask not so much as one trying or even planning on doing this but rather the more I learn about binary (at least) the more it seems possible.

    For good reason, gambling and gaming traffic is converting for binary brands. So why not the other way around as well. Maybe there is room for 2 way collaboration to make it Win-Win-Win-Win and not just win-win. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter.

    It's just a random question. Not sure anyone can actually answer it with empirical data - but if you can... let me know as curiosity is the motivator here.
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    Sorry, what I meant by the above was that I think it is worthwhile to have this responded to and so I was trying to help keep the thread alive.

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