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    Default Golden casino does not pay help please


    anyone please, i dont know who to go to for help.......
    back a while ago i was playing at golden casino a game called mega money mine which is $4.50 a spin to bet max anyhow if you look at the payouts (or if you have played this game) that a single bar all the way across is supposed to pay 60 credits, which out of 7 times that i have digital photos of i recieved 1 time, and any bar allthe way across pays 24 credits (HUGE DIFFERENCE especialy on 6 times!!!!!!) however after emailing them my screenshots and a very long 10 day wait for a resolution they tried telling me that for 60 credits you need 3 single bars all the way across with the middle one slightly lower!!!!! which actualy pays NOTHING!!!! and they have never followed up at all after the email staing this even when i asked why then i had a screen shot of recieving 60 credits with single barsa all the way across without the one in the middle being a little bit lower.... if you add up the money lost in all 6 of the incorrect paying spins it adds up to over $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just went to golden casino and they DO NOT even have megamoneymine offered as a game any more!!!!!!
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    I sent John a note about this thread.

    He is an affiliate manager with the company that represents Golden Casino, hopefully he can stop by and give ya a hand on this.

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