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Thread: Google SPY?!?

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    Default Google SPY?!?

    What a strange feeling of being monitored and tracked by Google when you surf...

    I have discovered something very interesting from Google and its toolbar, which I can qualify of small spyware now, without the main purpose of sending ads.

    Let me explain. The google toolbar tracks everything you do on the Internet with its googlebot at an amazing speed!

    How I discovered this??

    That is very simple. I run an affiliate program on one of my websites. I have a special page for my affiliates where they receive all the instructions for promoting my affiliate program. This page is linked from nowhere, is mentioned nowhere, has been submitted nowhere. The other day, I was testing a small script (one line of code), because I wanted to be informed by email whenever one of my affiliate log on this page, to monitor the activity of affiliates (just knowing if they log or not, how much time etc).

    So I was testing the script. I have written directly the URL in the address bar, with a false variable for the AFF ID (each affiliate has its special page tagged with the AFF ID). So a complete fictional ID (9804000000123456).

    The script works, then I receive the email from my script, telling that I have logged. The script log the AFF ID, the IP and the USER AGENT. All the variables received by email were OK, AFF ID/MY IP/MY U-A.

    Then, 30 secondes later... I receive a second email produced by my script. I was wondering why, because I had not logged again in the page. Opening the email has been very interesting:

    AFFTAG = 9804000000123456
    IP =
    USER-AGENT = Mediapartners-Google/2.1 (+
    Google track what you visit, report it practically in real time to the Google centers and send in their bot to the URL!

    I decide to do an another test, with another fictional AFF ID (10).

    Then, practically instantly after, too...

    AFFTAG = 10
    IP =
    USER-AGENT = Mediapartners-Google/2.1 (+
    Google bot is on the tracks of every surfer that has the Google toolbar installed! That was a strange experience, like if Googlebot was just behind me and was following me...

    Hmmm... Don't know what conclusions can be made on this, but it's something very interesting...
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    Big Brother is watching.
    Randall Ashby (Randy)

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    It's clearly stated in Disclaimer, that GoogleBar send your current browser URL if(!) PR feature is enabled.

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