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    Default GPWA Login Issues

    If anyone experiences any issues login in, or posting or responding to posts even if it appears they are logged in the below procedure will often help.

    Visit the forum home page.

    If it says Welcome (directly under the GPWA logo) with your username you are logged in, if it says login, you will need to click the login link and enter username and password.

    At times we have seen issues arise that even when you are logged in you may have trouble posting or replying to pm's, and here is what often helps fix the issue.

    If you are experiencing such issues, look for the link that says log out and click that.

    CLOSE the browser completely.

    This should get rid of or expire the login cookie for the GPWA.

    Open the browser and visit the forum site again, and click the login link.

    Be sure to select the remember me check box, this should write a new cookie with your username information.

    If this does not work, you can contact me directly, or use the Contact link in the lower right.

    This will send a message to an email account that is monitored, usually by Nancy, and she will forward the issue to me. Be sure to give a brief explanation of what is happening and mention your username and we will follow up, although normally the above will clear the issue.

    GPWA Forum Administrator

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    Great to see that the GPWA is back again and that it wasn't hackers.
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    Earlier when I visited the forums I noticed I was logged off yet when I returned everything was back to normal. Nothing else to report here, good that the website is back online

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