A big debate is raging here in Massachusetts over legalized casino gambling. And although Buzzy knows this story isn't about online gaming, this story was too juicy to pass up.

An anti-casino group in the state has compared slots to heroin, according to Metro Boston.

With the prospect of increased gambling options warming on Beacon Hill, an anti-casino advocacy group wrote letters to legislators yesterday urging them to resist approving casinos and slot machines in the state’s future.

In the letter, the Casino Free Mass Coalition called slot machines “a technological heroin” and warned against relying on potential gaming revenue as a means to help the state deal with the troubling economic crisis.

“A state with a proud progressive tradition should not be endorsing — and profiting from — an industry that systematically destroys lives,” read a letter from Richard Young, the group’s chairman.
Buzzy didn't know pulling a lever could systematically destroy a life, but since it's in the papers it must be true.